| July/August 1981

Water tower at West Liberty, Iowa, shortly before and after it burst and was totally destroyed. Contributed from the W. Thayer Collection, Wenatchee. Washington.

Pictured is a homemade steam wrecking crane built in 19702 foot gauge. It is fully operational and owned by C. R. Hamilton, Horseheads, New York. Photo by O. W. Brooks, Emporium, Pennsylvania.

Pictured is a photo taken during World War I of a steam roller. The gentleman in front of it is my grandfather, the late Harry Malkas of Lynbrook, New York. In World War I, he told the Army that he had played the flute in school and that he was a landscape architect. They asked him if he wanted to supervise and design roads or be in the Army Marching Band. The photo shows which he chose.