| July/August 1982

This Russell engine is a 16 HP, serial #15757 owned by C. E. Christian, Jr. of Medway, Ohio. The engine was displayed at the first annual Mad River Steam & Gas Show in Urbana, Ohio in July of 1980, where Sam Myers of Brookville took this photo. Another Brookville man, Steve Denlinger, sent us the picture

This is a flour mill my father, Moses Hunter, and uncle Westly Milner built at Mowrystown, Ohio in 1909. The mill is still standing. During World War I they ran it night and day making flour for the government.

Born in 1861 Dad learned the milling trades very young working with his father who was a miller running water mills in southern Ohio. He got into saw milling and had threshing rigs. He could hammer a saw, dress a stone burr, make good flour, and make any old type machinery operate at top performance.

This is an incident that happened November 29, 1900 in Jefferson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Ezrial Zerbe, the owner, was moving the township stone crusher to a gravel pit past the grist mill and missed the driveway and went down the bank in the tail race of the mill. No one was hurt. The engine is a Peerless Class R 12 HP low steam dome.

Pictured is a Garr-Scott engine that was in our community for 30 years. It was a 13 horse engine that Garr-Scott & Company of Richmond, Indiana made to send to the St. Louis Exposition in 1904. They made it special with nickel plate cylinder, whistle pop valve and hub caps. Mr. Sanford Macy bought this engine and threshed and ran a saw mill for 30 years. His son, Henry Macy, still lives in Fountain City and we enjoy talking about the old times very much.

Pictures were taken near Mora Springs, Iowa in the late 1890s. As near as I can tell the steam engine is a 10 HP Nichols & Shepard made in 1890 as there is a picture in Jack Norbeck's book on steam engines that looks like it. The man on the steam engine is G. W. Hart, brother of Charles Hart, the inventor of the Hart Parr tractor.