| July/August 1983

In 1914, this Nichols and Shepard 20-70 engine was purchased new by C. E. Sykes. Sykes' son, John sent us the photo, taken by Marion Wagner. Sykes lives at 536 Linden Apt. 406, Long Beach, California 90802.

The engine is currently owned by James Johnson of Dane, Wisconsin, who is shown at left in the photo. Next to Johnson are Joe and John Sykes.

Vaden Stroud of 319 East 16th Street, Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 was the operator of this Foden steam-powered truck owned by Jim leake of Muskogee Oklahoma at last summer's Fifth Annual Terning Steam and Gas Engine Show in Valley Center, Kansas. The British-made truck has been restored and only one part has been changed-the hard rubber tires have been replaced with pneumatic ones As far as anyone knows Leake's truck is the only one of its kind in the United States. Photo by Jim Morris of the Hutchinson News