Post Card

Threshing throughout the Highland area and Northern Illinois

| March/April 1953

Mr. Bill Bircher, 500 Ninth Street, Highland, III., seated on his 18 hp. Gaar Scott engine which he has kept in perfect condition for 40 years. Mr. Bircher is 82 years old and the picture was taken on the Highland Fairgrounds in 1952. He gave several threshing demonstrations there during the Fair. One spectator said, 'runs smooth as a clock.' 

Mr. Bircher started out with threshing gangs and their rigs at the age of 15, and for 55 years ran his own outfit. Threshing throughout the Highland area and Northern Illinois. He remained active with his steam engine until four years ago when the combine took over. At the rear of his home is a barn housing his prized engine and a wooden separator that is about 70 years old. Mr. Bert Leutwiler, a machinist, of Highland, helps Bill keep the engine in perfect shape. Bill and Bert fired the engine last Fall for the editor to play with it a while. And that was another perfect day.