| March/April 1964

Here are some more of the pictures sent to us by Ed Vogel of Buhl, Idaho ... taken from the Centennial edition of the Times News.

EQUIPMENT FOR USE in construction of the Salmon dam was hauled to the site by this 'land' steam engine. The heavy and slow engine pulled a great load of materials along behind. In the early days of the tract similar engines were used in threshing and today Ed Vogel, Buhl, has a unique collection of such engines, all in working condition. The men pictured in this photo which was taken by C. E. Bisbee were not identified. One thing for certain, the iron wheels did not develop any flat tires during the trip.

IMPORTANT PEOPLE in the Buhl community in the World War 1 years were these members of the volunteer fire department. Compared to today's machines the fire wagon leaves much to be desired but it was of the latest design in 1918. Shown in the picture are Harry Barry, Louis Zukel, Fred Smith, Walter Goss, Doc Olson, Bob Stewart, Charlie Snyder, Stan Webber, Bill Parish and Frank Carleton. Notice the chains on the rear wheels of the fire truck. This was necessary because many roads were still unpaved in 1918. This picture is owned by L. F. Wiseman.

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