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About 1932. These are the Foden latest fast wagon. Engine under the truck. Was very fast and great hill climbers. Coal burners. 50 to a tank of water. About 20 miles to c. w. t. of smokeless coal, a Welsh very soft coal.
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Picture of the plowing bee held at my farm September 3, 1952. The engine is a Case 12 HP built in February 1902. The engine number is 10160 and is in good condition.
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This picture belongs to John Boese. It was taken while plowing at Waldheim in 1912 with the big 110 Case. It was also used in 1914 for threshing for Mr. Dolan.
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No information on this picture, but you people who are interested in old cars also, will certainly enjoy it -- Anna Mae
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Pictured is Mr. Torgerson's 35-70 Minneapolis.
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This prony brake was used at the Melby Thresh Meet at Dalton, Minnesota in 1957. In the background is a steam rig threshing.
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Mr. Stanley Graham operating a 14 hp Waterloo steam traction engine at Pioneer Power Reunion, 1962.
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This Turbo Charged D-7 is owned by Mr. Williams.
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Paul Schurman showing what a 6 HP Russell can do in dragging logs to the mill at Yacolt, Washington on July 23rd and 24th, 1955.
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Mr, and Mrs. James Lowe - taken at the Pioneer Power Reunion of 1962. They are the parents of the President of the Pioneer Power. Photo by Ted H. West.

ALL STEAMED UP and raring to go to Ontario’s largest steam
show, is 18-year-old Adrienne Nurse, Halton County Dairy Princess.
The pretty milkmaid joined the men who love steam, at the third
annual reunion of the Ontario Steam & Antique Preservers
Association, held over the Labour Day weekend at Milton. Over
25,000 persons were attracted to me unique display of ancient cars
and machinery last year. The engine is a 1905 traction steam engine
manufactured by Sawyer-Massey. The reunion climaxed a week-long
‘Old Fashioned Days’ celebration, promoted by Milton
Chamber of Commerce.–O.K. fellows which girl would you choose?
Adrienne or Sawyer-Massey?


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