| March/April 1964

Fast Wagon

About 1932. These are the Foden latest fast wagon. Engine under the truck. Was very fast and great hill climbers. Coal burners. 50 to a tank of water. About 20 miles to c. w. t. of smokeless coal, a Welsh very soft coal.

ALL STEAMED UP and raring to go to Ontario's largest steam show, is 18-year-old Adrienne Nurse, Halton County Dairy Princess. The pretty milkmaid joined the men who love steam, at the third annual reunion of the Ontario Steam & Antique Preservers Association, held over the Labour Day weekend at Milton. Over 25,000 persons were attracted to me unique display of ancient cars and machinery last year. The engine is a 1905 traction steam engine manufactured by Sawyer-Massey. The reunion climaxed a week-long 'Old Fashioned Days' celebration, promoted by Milton Chamber of Commerce.--O.K. fellows which girl would you choose? Adrienne or Sawyer-Massey?

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