| March/April 1973

The picture shown was taken in the summer of 1972 a few weeks before the show.

Sitting on the 12 foot flywheel are my children, Anita and Alan. Standing is my youngest girl Carol. Yes, you guessed it! The big kid in the picture is Grandfather, A. C. Eshelman.

The engine was completed and running at the 1972 show and really an attraction. I don't remember a time when the block and plank seat was not lined with observers.

In the picture can be seen a building beginning to take shape around the engine. The building has since been completed and Mr. Eshelman has started another building to the left of the engine which will be about 60 feet wide and 160 feet long. An early winter has put a stop to the work on the larger building and probably will not be resumed until spring.

I will try to get more technical data on the engine and report it in another article.