| March/April 1992

Both of these beauties were donated to the La-Porte County Historical Steam Society by Harold E. Kleinert, M.D. The 'simple' J.I. Case portable at left is a 10 x 10 cylinder 20 HP, built pre-1910.

The Buffalo-Springfield roller below has a 45 flue horizontal boiler; its boilermaker's plate reads '9735.'

This 1884 photo showing the residents of Townsendville, N.Y. celebrating the election of President Grover Cleveland. The engine is a Birdsall. H. Birdsall and Son began manufacturing engines at Penn Yan, N.Y. in 1860, and moved to Auburn, N.Y. in 1881. Chris Robinson is driving the engine, with William Ballard to his right. Mulford knew many of the people riding on the wagons, including Joe and Sam Fox, Eugene Blanchard, and Byrd and Gilbert Townsend. He now owns the Townsend brothers' 1909 Cadillac Touring Car, which he spent years rebuilding.