Post Card

| March/April 1995

Bill Kennedy, 1019 Lowell St., Elyria, Ohio 44035 sent this picture of a 23-90 Baker, owned by John McDowell, Plainfield, Ohio, at the Dover, Ohio, show.

Each of these engines was restored by John Forney, Rt. 1, Box 142, Bellwood, Nebraska 68624.Is his 1956 B-42 Mack truck with 25 HP Russell on trailer and 1920 Advance Rumely alongside.

John with his 25 HP 1923 Russell #17118. This Russell was bought late, used little, and is in excellent shape after a complete restoration.

Late October 1992 last steam-up of 12 gauge 4-4-0 train built in mid-'60s by John Forney and Art Goodban. Left to right: Bill & Lana Forney by train; Florena & John Forney by 25 HP Russell #17118; Abbi & Edward Forney by 16 HP 1914 Russell #15546; and Bonni & Matt Forney by 12 HP 1916 Russell #16029.