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An Owens, Lane and Dyer in the Ford Collection in the Edison Museum at Dearborn, Michigan. Restored to its prime. Courtesy of F. Hal Higgins. See article.
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Threshing on the Leon VanNatta farm in Litch field Township, Bradford Co., Pennsylvania in 1953. The engine is Peerless R serial No. 15606, which was shipped new to Mr. Chas. H. Taylor, who lives nearby, in July of 1911. The bill of sale lists the boiler
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Here is a good old Peerless owned by J. H. Reinhart, Afton, Virginia. The picture is the courtesy of William S. Young, Editor of the Short-Line Rail roader, 23 Parker Avenue, Cranford, New Jersey. This is the old Geiser engine before EB took over.
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20hp. Avery under mounted of Eli Brenkman, Pekin, Illinois. Eli in the cab. See Mr. Brenkman's letter.
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Courtesy of C. H. Dunham of Saint Clair, Michigan
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E. L. Larimore standing beside Herb Beckemyer's 20hp. Baker, Newton, Illinois. Both look to be in the Pink of health
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The above picture belongs with the advertisement, page 21, this issue, the National threshers Association, Inc., but because of lack of space is was placed here. It is a scene at the National Threshers Association Reunion, 1955. Engine on the Baker Fan. P
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Courtesy of Dale M. Perrill, Jr., R. D. 2, Box 87, Rochester, Mich.

Mr. VanNatta says, ‘I purchased it in 1951 and have had it
reflued throughout by a L.V.R.R. boilermaker and inspector, who
says it is safe for more steam than I ever carry. I used the
steamer eighteen days this year threshing and filling silo. I carry
125 lbs. of steam but it will run the 16 inch Climax blower easily
on 85 lbs.

Mr. Dunham tells this story: ‘I slept under this machine on
a pile of straw with a sleeping bag. Next morning before I crawled
out an old fellow came over to see the separator and spied me under
it (about sunrise) and remarked, ‘Just like old times.’
Then we had quite a chat.’

Foreground: 1hp. Hercules gasoline engine. Background: 7hp.
Hercules portable kerosene engine. Both have Webster’s
Oscillating Make and Break magneto.

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