| May/June 1956

Ford Collection in the Edison Museum

An Owens, Lane and Dyer in the Ford Collection in the Edison Museum at Dearborn, Michigan. Restored to its prime. Courtesy of F. Hal Higgins. See article.

F. Hal Higgins

Mr. VanNatta says, 'I purchased it in 1951 and have had it reflued throughout by a L.V.R.R. boilermaker and inspector, who says it is safe for more steam than I ever carry. I used the steamer eighteen days this year threshing and filling silo. I carry 125 lbs. of steam but it will run the 16 inch Climax blower easily on 85 lbs.

Mr. Dunham tells this story: 'I slept under this machine on a pile of straw with a sleeping bag. Next morning before I crawled out an old fellow came over to see the separator and spied me under it (about sunrise) and remarked, 'Just like old times.' Then we had quite a chat.'

Foreground: 1hp. Hercules gasoline engine. Background: 7hp. Hercules portable kerosene engine. Both have Webster's Oscillating Make and Break magneto.