| May/June 1963

(Vice President and Gen. Manager of Danuser Machine Works, Inc.)

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Danuser pleased with a good engine.

This is the same engine that was written up several years ago on out-pulling the D-7 Caterpillar. She was built in 1916 and is now located in Oklahoma.

Here is a photo of my 3 inch scale traction which I finished about 2 years ago. It is a free-lance model with 2 cylinders 2' x 2-3/8' 2 speeds, final drive by chain and runs about 2 mph in low gear with the engine revving 550 rpm.

On this engine everything except the cyl-block was built up by welding and brazing, as I do not like pattern making for one off jobs.

I would like to have this picture reproduced in your magazine, just to show your nice fellows that here in Austria the enthusiasm for steam is still alive. Many thanks in advance!