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On top of the engine, Miss Stella Gorden-down on the ground,
Engineer Emil A. Nelson, helper, Leo Dusteroff, Mrs. George Hinds,
and owner of theseparator, Mr. Ole Swnnes. We pulled in with
separator, cook car and 500 gal gas tank, and 3 or 4 wagons.

The cart frame is ‘ gas pipe. The wheels are from an old
weed mower. The picture was taken at the 1959 Threshermens Reunion
held at the Pontiac, Ill. 4-H Park (Livingston Co. 4-H Park). The
little girl driver is the daughter of Mr. Ernie Cox of Lafayette,
Indiana, a former steam engine thresherman. The horse and cart were
also exhibited at the Steam Engine Threshing Show at the
Springfield, Illinois State Fair.

Here is a picture of my No. 3 scale model of the 1915 Case
Traction Engine which I now have under construction. It is just
about finished. I made the pattern’s myself and had the
castings poured at the local foundry. I did all the machine work
myself. It runs and drives good, has lots of power. Here are some
of the specifications; Bore 2′, Stroke 2 5/8′ Boiler shell
7′ inside diameter, 8 only l 1/8′ seamless Steel flues,
Rear wheels 18′, Front wheels 12′, Hydrostatic test of 220
lbs. Carries 100 lbs. steam pressure. It took me 4 winters to make
the patterns and build the engine and it is a basement project.


  • Published on May 1, 1963
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