| May/June 1963

In 1937 I went in the well drilling business and continued until 1959 when I had a stroke and had to quit so I sold everything. I sold the engine to Harold J. Parish, Jr. of Adrian, Michigan in 1960. I sure did hate to see it go but I could not run it anymore because I lost the use of my left arm.

We thought this picture of the Ox Bow quite interesting. The words on the sign in front of Mr. Koopman are as follows: This old oxen yoke was found in 1930, half buried in the desert sand of Wyoming. It dates back to 1847-1850. The driver of this oxen team went berserk and left the wagon train only to be killed by Indians. This yoke was found 3 miles south of the Oregon Trail in Sweetwater County. As far as it is known, the wagon is still there in the gully covered with sand.

This scene is in the heart of the Ozarks, where it is hard to visualize that a field of this size ever existed. Location is south-west of Rogersville, Missouri. The engine and plow was owned by Clark Watts, who is standing on the plow. Mr. Watts' two sons are on the engine; Dill is on the left and Claude on the right. It is believed the engine was built about 1904 and the picture made in 1912.

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