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Here is a picture of the horse power for the hand-fed thresher
which my sons and I found in the sage brush north of Grace, Idaho
and were successful in purchasing. This power is in very good
condition as far as the iron parts are concerned. The wooden parts
are not too good but can easily be rebuilt. One of the gears that
runs on the big ring gear has a tooth broken out and the gear that
runs the tumbling rods is about half worn out. We were able to find
two new gears Mr. Kessler had purchased to replace the worn ones.
They were in the shop on the same farm. I was able to buy the
outfit from Mrs. Kessler after the death of her husband. Her place
was being run by her brother who had been given permission to sell
all the old equipment for junk. He would have sold it before we got
there if he had had the facilities to move it. We felt very lucky
to have gotten it.

From a kid up I always worked around old steam engines and have
quite a collection of models of actual engines which were in use in
days gone by. This Case we have is made up of mostly material from
scrap, several castings made locally. Steel boiler, 22
5/8‘. flues, 6′; well casing for
boiler carries 100 lbs. steam and burns charcoal briquettes for
coal. In the garage it burns gas. The operator is my great, great
grandson and he has been operating it for several years. He does a
pretty good job of it, watches the water gauge and all the rest
that goes with steam. He lives in New Cumberland, Pa. I am a
retired school teacher and have several steam locos on the bench
now. One is a 1’ scale E3-PRR (1912) and the other an


  • Published on May 1, 1964
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