Post Card

| May/June 1972

The above photo was snapped in October 1971 at the Arcade & Attica Railroad. It is one of the two steamers used on a ride from Arcadia, New York to Curriers, New York. The other steamer is No. 18. As you ride the slightly more than 14 nostalgic miles you will have sufficient opportunity to hear the mellow sounds of the whistle and breathe the sweet scent of soft coal smoke. On the trip you see prize dairy herds which graze on farm land that has barely changed since the original road bed was laid in 1854. Although they have not carried passengers since 1951, they have been quite busy hauling lumber, maple syrup, powdered milk, butter, cheese, dairy feed, tractors, coal, etc. So they are a full-sized railroad working seven days a week. This ride 'behind steam' is made possible through the planning and work of the Board of Directors and Employees. Courtesy of Harold J. Stewart, 1308 Quaker Road, East Aurora, New York 14052.