| May/June 1975

Stone crushing scene and crew on our farm at Willow Street, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the spring of 1929. Crew from 1. to r.: Milton Hershey, engineer; myself; Clayton Huber, Lloyd Witmer, David Becker and Enos M. Harnish, my father.

A threshing day at the farm of Fred Freschette of Red Deer, Alta. This is his own outfit; a 1920 40 H.P. Case, carrying 175 lbs. The separator is a 28' Case. Bundles were hauled by a big Kenworth truck & trailer which really made a hole in the field; but was all handled very nicely by the steam outfit. But the women topped everything by coming up with their good meals, as we all know, behind every man their is a good woman. This picture was taken in the Fall of 1973.

Sawmill picture in 1936. That is me at the sawyer position. I stand 5 ft. 9 in.

This picture was taken at the farm of Glen Crandall, Ponoka, Alberta, on Oct. 28, 1973. Glen [the engineer] owns this nice outfit - a 1929- 30 x 60 Advance Rumely separator, & a 1916 - 28-80 HP George White steamer. The separator man is Joe Fleck of Ponoka. Glen also has a 65 Case which was used to pull an 8-bottom plow.

The top attraction again at the 1973 Steam Power Show at Pinckneyville, Illinois.

This is our two cylinder stationary steam engine. We have no idea of the make or what it may have been used for. The person that we got it from didn't know that it was a steam engine. It was in a pile of junk when we got it. It has a reverse on it. If anyone can tell us the make and what it was used for we would appreciate it very much. Owned and restored by Russell & Wally Orth.