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28 HP Minneapolis, Serial #8388.
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1892 20 HP Aultman Taylor.
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16 HP Buffalo-Pitts
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1911 120 HP Rumely

Titus Brubaker, 92, operating one of his engines (Peerless) in
the parade at Rough and Tumble’s Old Thresherman’s Reunion
at Kinzers, Pa. last August. Mrs. Brubaker is the passenger.
Activities planned for 1986 include: Spring Picture Night, May 9;
Spring Steam-up Show, May 9-10; 38th Annual Reunion, August
13,14,15,16. For the past four years, a special display has been
set up featuring a major line of tractors and farm machinery. For
1986, the honored manufacturer will be Oliver, and in addition, a
special gas engine display will feature the New Holland engine.

This is a picture of Terry Crandall’s 16 HP Huber and Graham
Sellers’ separator, threshing wheat at the Yesterday and Today
Threshing Club Litchfield, Michigan, July 12, 13, 14, 1985.

It is an approximately half scale model steam engine built by H.
Paul Crump of 853 Clintonville Road, Paris, KY 40361. Mr. Crump
spent four years building the engine which he says ‘sure has
lots of power.’ It measures 9 feet 7 inches long, with 4×5
Uniflow cylinder.

Above are photos taken by Charles Harthy of
1629 Robbins Road, Grand Haven, MI 49417 at Western Minnesota Steam
Threshers Reunion in Rollag, last year.

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