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By Staff

Chester Petrowsky, 12 Grela Terrace, Belchertown, Massachusetts
01007, sent us this picture of a 1920 Buffalo Springfield steam
roller. The photograph was taken by Bill Durry at the 1992 Orange
Steam & Gas Show in Orange, Massachusetts.

Howard McCollum, 8307 Lakedale Circle, Colfax, NC 27235, sent
this photo of his 1909 6-18 HP Case Portable, #21575, at the Dixie
Classic Fair in Winston-Salem, NC.

The photo shows a 24 foot fiberglass hull steam boat built by
North Castle Marine, Bayfield, Ontario. Both of these items will be
for sale at the Humes Auction Farm Annual Consignment.

Engines Road Locomotive

Herbert Bothe, 507 Hickory St., Onalaska, Wisconsin 54650, sent
this copy of a picture of a Case 150 HP steam engine he came across
several years ago at a flea market, saying, ‘I have never seen
one like this anywhere.’ This view is of the left side of the
engine, showing the entrance to the platform.

  • Published on May 1, 1993
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