| May/June 1999

Another powerhouse, another time--John A. Davidson, Box 4, 8250 200 Ave., Bristol, Wisconsin 53104 sends this old photograph he found at a flea market. It's a view inside an electrical power generating room, showing a Corliss type engine on right with belt to large generator, bottle engine on left to small generator.


Alex Fabiszewski of 5827224th Street, Langley, B.C., Canada V3A 7N2 sent us this photo via e-mail. Apparently his brother found the picture and passed it along to Alex because of his interest in old engines. Any identification out there from our readers?

This picture was sent to by John Davidson of Box 4, 8250 200 Ave., Bristol, WI 53104. John says he thinks the equipment was made by the Austin Co. of Chicago, Illinois, as the picture was found in a bound packet of photos, most of which were identified as Austin. He says they used Farquhar engines on other equipment.