| May/June 2001

The photo above was made from an old 3 inch square glass lantern slide. Inscribed on the slide was 'plow used by D. Webster (wood) with steam gang plow.' The picture zeros in on the Geiser Manufacturing Company's then brand new steam powered gang plow. To accent the contrast, what was alleged to be an old wooden plow used by Daniel Webster is part of the display. Note the small sign in the background, which indicates the location of 'The World Famed Faultless grubber and stump puller.' Our thanks to John K. Hooper, R.D. 2, Newville, PA 17241, who is the owner of the slide, and sent us this photo. Mr. Hooper points out that we had a photo in our November/December 1999 issue (page 18) of what appears to be the same equipment from a slightly different vantage point. That photo, supplied by Robert Rhode, had been taken at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition, so we presume that this was the same venue.