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This is a water tube boiler at Lake Kankee, Yukon, between White
Horse Y.T. and Toke Junction, Alaska. The boiler is supposed to
have been removed from a small steamboat used by the lumber people
before the first World War. It is hard to believe anything like
this can be so far inland from the rest of the world. The boiler is
made from Crane pipe fittings and a head and does not look like it
was ever much good. It is said to have been used by the lumber
people prior to 1910 on a steam launch and has been at this spot
over 50 years. This lake is famous for fine fishing and has its own
air strip and hotel, light plants, etc.

The bus stop is about a mile from the Alcan highway far up in
Canada with the next house maybe miles away. The reason we saw the
boiler was because the bus had to leave the highway and leave a
lone little Indian teenager at this spot. The driver honked his
horn and soon a canoe came across a small branch-like stream to
pick her up. This was a mile or so from the bus station at the
lodge as we made a semicircle getting off and back on the Alaskan
Highway. All of this is north of White Horse Yukon Canadian

I patented the automatic drag for a corn sheller. I may get a
picture of some of the first clover hullers I mounted.

This is a picture of an M M sheller and a power plant I made up
in about 1929. The sheller was the first year the rubber was

I have put in just like others done things, not much credit. The
things have changed.


  • Published on Nov 1, 1966
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