| November/December 1966

Neil Miller

Courtesy of Earl J. Robinson, Collins, Iowa 50055. At Mr. & Mrs. Neil Miller's picnic dinner, Neil holds a decorated cake as he proudly poses beside his newly assembled Case 50. This boiler is shown on page 16 of the March-April 1966 issue of the Album. S

Earl J. Robinson

I have several steam engines, boilers, etc. including the beautiful engine Mr. Flint from Marienville, Pa. (one-armed lumberman) had - a 2 inch Case traction engine, 31' long 4-6-2 line steam railroad locomotive - a pre 1900 car engine with a friction drive, etc. As we will be doing lots of traveling and buying, I don't know if I can bring any over this year. I want to mount my boiler and a couple engines on a trailer so I can take to the Meets, but haven't got time to get ready for this year. I got an 18' x 30' boiler from a pants pressing outfit in a cleaners shop that is made from ' plate that should last for years on these small engines. I also have a nice collection of whistles, checks, blow offs, oilers and 50 or 60 pounds of stainless valves and fittings up to inch.

I am kind of anxious to get to the meet as after getting the Album for some time, you almost know all the family. I had a couple visitors from Millersville the other day and they were fine folks.