| November/December 1967

Donald Klinkner operated a 1917 vintage 60 horse Case Steamer that has been in the family since 1919. Purchased new by his grandfather, Fred Klinkner.

The Case was completely worked over and repainted. The work consisted of new tender and drawbar. The canopy was repainted underside and top. Bearings were all taken up where possible and bull gears were remeshed.

The engine was completely repainted in its original colors and striped.

This engine was used for threshing through 1953. Then used as a hobby. This year Donald operated the engine on the baker fan, saw mill, threshing grain and pulled eight-fourteen inch bottom plow with the eccentric hooped up in the third notch. The engine is in beautiful shape and a good easy steamer. It is not for sale.

Don is the fourth generation of Klinkner's to operate case steamers.

Picture was taken by photographer, Dana C. Jennings.