| November/December 1967

Courtesy of Marvin Troutwine, 2I20 IIth St. So., Missoula, Montana 5980I A Russell engine on my father's ranch. He used it daily as a steam heating boiler in winter. The engine parts are carefully stored in case we wish to restore it. It came up the Missouri River about I870 on a steam boat. He bought it in I927. We also have several other engines and boilers including a Case portable and a Case traction engine, a 3 hp. horizontal with vertical boiler and two small vertical engines, a 2 cyl. swing engine and 2 larger horizontal engines, two 5 hp. turbines and a Case boiler.

Courtesy of Fred T. Scharrer, Box I446, Zephyrhills, Florida 33599 Fred writes us the following paragraph and sends along three picture postcards from away back-thought you might enjoy them and figure them out for yourselves.-Anna Mae. 'It so being, I am one of the old trouble shooters on steam traction and Oil-Pulls for Rumely Company of Laporte, Indiana and this took in a lot of territory-Midwest and the central states and Northwest Canada. It might be interesting to some today, that when I landed in Northwestern Canada on February I9I3the next day it was 65 below and many cars of Oil-Pulls to get off wasn't that something?? Also, threshing flax when it was 45 below-people today don't know or realize what some of the old timers had to battle.'

Courtesy of Roy Hartman, 32 Maryland Ave., Washington D.C 20028 A 40-I20 'Peerless' Geiser Traction engine at Berryville, Va. Show. This is a stereoscope picture and is a new feature of this magazine and will have a different picture each issue. If you will cut it out on the heavy lines and paste on light cardboard with rubber cement you will have a three dimensional picture you can view in the old fashioned stereoscope viewer glasses. If you like it let Roy know.