Post Card

| November/December 1976

Logging in north Carolina: This picture, taken about 60 years ago, shows a portable steam engine in use for logging operations in north Carolina. The photo appeared this summer in the Transylvania Times and the Highlands Highlander. It is the property of Mrs J L Gillispie whose husband was in it. Clyde Osborne, editor of the Transylvania Times, who very kindly enabled us to use the photo, says the crew of men and animals was employed by the old Gloucester Lumber Co. at Rosman, 9 miles west of Brevard, North Carolina. He adds: 'No one now living seems to know anything at all about the monster with the tall smokestack.' The caption on the photo as it appeared in the Times says The tall smokestack kept smoke out of the eyes of the sawing crew when the portable boiler was getting up a head of steam ' We appreciate the assistance of Editor Osborne; and of Lee B. Copple of the Highlander, who wrote about the company. Gerry Lestz