| November/December 1977

Thanks to your story wonderful people like Doyle E. Brubaker of Newton, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Jacobson of Pontiac, Illinois and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Swanson of Forest City, Iowa, who contributed their knowledge, time and salvaged material, it was possible to restore this 1916 Model Serial #1088 to perfect running order again for preservation and enjoyment of future generations.

A total of 7,000 miles were driven in checking, locating and loading 9040 pounds of parts to be hauled from the Midwest to the West Coast. 2483 man hours were required in actual restoration and it was a thrilling day when we started that engine and drove it from the building the first time! It was recently featured in N.B.C. U.S. Production called 'Agriculture: U.S.A.' and aired on Los Angeles stations on May 29, in New York WNBC 6/11/77 and Chicago WMAQ on 7/10/77. After syndication it will be shown throughout the United States on most outlying stations. Watch for it we think you will enjoy it.

And again, our special thanks to your magazine, to Dolye Brubaker, the Olaf Jacobsons and the Herbert Swansons for helping to regain this prized possession. Courtesy of Fred G. Hogg, 3107 Twilight Drive, Fullerton, California 92635

The J. I. Case Company built its first machine in 1892, but did not resume building tractors until 1911, when the Case 30-60 appeared. The Case 20-40, produced in 1912, performed very well at the Winnipeg Trials that year. Case built its first tractor with a four cylinder vertical engine in 1915, shown above. It had three wheels a single front steering wheel, the right rear a driver, and the left rear an idler. Case produced the 9-18 model in 1918 and the 15-27 in 1919. Both were of one-piece frame, or unit, construction. U.S.D.A. Photographed (submitted by Gerry Lestz).

We took this layout to the Central Kentucky Steam Show. It was greatly appreciated, and a picture and write-up was on the front page of the Paris newspaper. (We thank the Paris Daily Enterprise for permission to use their article.

These layouts are powered by a very small steam engine. In my picture you can see the small boiler and all the engines.