| November/December 1980

An engine that traveled from Washington State to Canada is shown on this month's front cover.

It is a 1902 Avery 16 HP return flue steam traction engine, now on display at the Reynolds Museum, in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Restoration work and painting were done in the museum shop

Steam plowing at the Stephenson County Antique Engine Club's annual October horseplowing display.

The engine is an 18 HP Advance Rumely pulling a six-bottom Sattely patented self-lifting engine plow. The plow worked better than expected, considering the strange looking self-lift mechanism. This plow was recently acquired by six members of the Stephenson Antique Engine Club, so each owner had one bottom to clean off after plowing. Many horses and gas tractors also plow at our October display. This is our last chance to play and display before putting our equipment away for the winter.

Colin Wear, operator of a model engineering supply firm in Sydney, Australia, has sent us a photo of his single cylinder 16 HP Buffalo-Pitts traction engine No. 9S53, in action giving rides at his club's steam rally. He collects Buffalo-Pitts and Heebner & Sons literature. His address is: 23 Arlewis St., Chester Hill, Sydney, Australia 2162.

Yours truly, Bert Bryant Young, standing with hand on injector steam valve of my 81/ 2 x 10 Frick portable steam engine, serial #24488, year 1923.