| November/December 1980

  • Old toy engines
    Courtesy of Denver L. Hunter, Dayton, Ohio 45420.
    Denver L. Hunter

  • Old toy engines

This is my model exhibit. Mostly model steam engines, which I show at malls, department stores, festivals, fairs, machinery shows, etc. Mr. Willis Whelan, a former neighbor of mine, and I put this together about 1963. We called it the Whelan and Hunter display. Willis had built many models before I knew him and I too had built a few. They are built from old woodcut drawings or pictures taken from old books and magazines, not from kits. There are beam engines, grasshoppers, a pendulum table engine, Corliss, oscillators, and many other types. There are quite a few old toy engines that I have collected over the years. The merry-go-round is powered by a twin cylinder oscillator. Mr. Whelan passed away three years ago at age 89. I am sure many people who have seen this exhibit remember him. I generally show them at the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery show at Georgetown, Ohio and a couple of other shows in Kentucky and Indiana.