| November/December 1985

Threshing on the Carl Radtke farm, 7 miles north of Lavalle, Wisconsin, using William Lucht's 32 x 54 Case thresher and horsepower in August, 1902, 20 HP Gaar-Scott, Collins, Wisconsin,

Threshing on the Herman Lucht Sr. farm in 1907, using William Lucht's Case separator and August Steppen's 16 HP Advance engine (bought new in 1906)

It is a 'from scratch' model built by Walter Warder of 184 S. Washington St., Binghampton, New York 13903. 'It's about ' to the foot. The wheels are made from iron pipe and the spokes are brazed in the rims and staked in the hubs. The boiler is copper and the fuel is charcoal. It runs well and really sounds off when belted to this little Baker fan which I also built. The governor is stainless steel.'

A picture taken by Robert E. King, PO Box 265, Asbury, Missouri 64832 showing a vertical boilered engine at Cedarvale, Kansas. King reports that it has a power take-off shaft, Pickering governor (only name on the machine) and a small boom (from cab roof).