| November/December 1993

The Rough & Tumble Threshermen's Reunion held each August in Kinzers, Pennsylvania, always draws a big crowd to see how things were done with steam power. The photos above show some of the attractions at past shows.

Art Brigham, late husband of well-known Helen Case Brigham (great-granddaughter of J.I. Case), was quite a photographer, and quite a booster of the merits of Case equipment. Here, a selection of his photos taken in 1990 at various engine shows combines the best elements of 'Brig's' two hobbies.

Pouring on the coal during a run on the Baker Fan at the Mount Pleasant show is Bob Higdon of New London, Iowa, with his 1917 40 HP Case steamer.

Kitten steam engine and Kitten thresher (small hay stack!?!) at Henry Kitten's place in Lawrence, Nebraska, about 1912. Photo courtesy of Jerry Kitten, Henry Kitten's great-grandson.

This photo was taken at the Pioneer Acres of Alberta Show at Langdon, Alberta, in 1979.

The Case steamer is on a lowboy trailer. The working crew, from top left corner, is made up of Mick Smeltzer, Doug Hartley, Keith Even-son, Tom Anderson, and Eric Schwesinger, and in the bottom row, Orval Johnson, Ian Hartley, Buster Garriot, and Harry Garriot.