James Fleming Engine at Blakers Reunion

| September/October 1952

Model Avery return flue engine built by Dan S. Zehr of 115 Bungalow Place, Pontiac, Illinois. Mr. Zehr is President of Zehr's Central States Steam Engine and Thresher Historical Association. The two little men on the platform of the Avery are Daniel Zehr the 8th, and John Zehr sitting on the Bunker. Both are sons of Dean Zehr and grandsons of Dan S. Zehr and all of Pontiac, III. Daniel can drive this Avery and in all probability will be handling it at the next Reunion in Pontiac September 10 to14.

The left hand view of the Ithaca traction is not so well known among the Hobby Craft so we are pleased to present a picture of it for you to study. They were made in Ithaca, N. Y., by the John B. Lang engine works. It was also known as the Lang and Button. M r. Button was the son-in-law of Mr. Lang and they conducted the business for many years.