Post card

| September/October 1954

1953 Pontiac Parade

THE BEGINNING OF THE 1953 PONTIAC PARADE. 4 hp. crawler built by Marvin Green, Boyden, Iowa. Binder sprockets in rear. Wheel brakes. Two transmissions. Swinging drawbar. Yellow and black paint.

Florence Teets of 211 E. 52nd St., New York 22, N. Y., and Mr. E. L. Larimore of Newton, I11., at the Pontiac Reunion, 1953. Miss Teets is a travel writer and the author of the travel book, 'She's Going Abroad'. Her travels have taken her to five continents where she has watched the threshing of grain by every conceivable means from hand flails, mule-draw and powered beaters to the newest electric machinery. She is the daughter of an Illinois harness maker. Miss Teets and her father attended the fifth Annual Reunion of Threshermen, 1953, inPontiac,I11.

It was frozen in every joint. We got it loose without breaking anything. The hardest task was the rear wheels which were frozen to the axle. If someone has time to fire it, it will be in motion at the Rough & Tumble Engineers Reunion, Kinzers, Pennsylvania, August 20 and 21