| September/October 1964

When I was about 7 years old my father bought a Geiser steam engine and a No. 3 thresher which did very nice work. I believe this was a 7 HP engine. Some years later he sold this outfit and started farming. A few years later we bought a Flinchbaugh gasoline engine and a small thresher to do our own threshing. Then I bought a Fordson tractor and a used Messinger thresher. I used it to do some custom work until the combines took over. Next I operated a saw mill for Clarence McCleary, also for Albert Young. After Mr. Young died I got a job hauling concrete blocks for the Strickler Block Company of Red Lion, Pennsylvania. I hauled for them until I retired about 5 years ago. Now I buy and recondition gasoline engines for show purposes. I have had Huber, New Way, Flinchbaugh, Economy, Grey, Lawson, New Holland, Foos and many others.

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