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Avery 40 hp owned by Justin J. Hingtgen, La Motte, Iowa
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I wonder if you could get anybody to lift those 2 bushel sacks of wheat up on a wagon today. This was taken near Thornville, Ohio.
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No. 1. Harold Reamer of Lapeer, Michigan and hisscale Case.
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A wagon load of flywheels. This was taken at the Miami Valley Steam Threshers Association Meet at Mechanicsburg, Ohio in 1963. The boys are from Canal Winchester, Ohio.
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Carolyn Knapp in front of Ben Markley 6 HP Russell, No. 5379, which was new in 1890. Lyman Knapp is in front of the 25 Russell Simple, No. 17105, which was new in 1923.
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Here is a picture of a little 1 HP engine which I made into a tractor. This picture was taken on my lawn in Red Lion, Pennsylvania. My grandson is on it.
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Here is a picture of a 6 HP Lawson that I reconditioned and made into a tractor. This picture was taken at the Early American Steam Engine and Old Equipment Show. I am at the wood saw and George Grothey is taking the wood away from the saw. The man with h
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This is an Ellis Engine, made in Detroit, Michigan. It is a 2 hp. 2 cylinder engine, well restored by Phare and Irvin Hoffman of Manheim, Penna. If there is any more that the junk man did not get write me. We have 20 gas engines.
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Picture taken in 1919. I was 19 years old and I ran my uncles engine. It was a Peerless Engine and made at Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. That year we threshed 4 weeks out of the field and 4 weeks out of the barn. This picture was taken northwest of Dayton, Oh
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Fairport, New York Nov., 1963 This engine was pulled from the Canandaigue Lake after it had been there for 23 or 24 years. It was a 15 or 16 HP Peerless, badly broken up with no chance of restoring.
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Here is a picture of a Brownwall, 3 x 4, No. 8067, opposed valves, non-removable head. Gas tank cast in base. Built by Brownwall Engine & Pulley Company, Holland, Michigan. I would like to know the age of this engine.

When I was about 7 years old my father bought a Geiser steam
engine and a No. 3 thresher which did very nice work. I believe
this was a 7 HP engine. Some years later he sold this outfit and
started farming. A few years later we bought a Flinchbaugh gasoline
engine and a small thresher to do our own threshing. Then I bought
a Fordson tractor and a used Messinger thresher. I used it to do
some custom work until the combines took over. Next I operated a
saw mill for Clarence McCleary, also for Albert Young. After Mr.
Young died I got a job hauling concrete blocks for the Strickler
Block Company of Red Lion, Pennsylvania. I hauled for them until I
retired about 5 years ago. Now I buy and recondition gasoline
engines for show purposes. I have had Huber, New Way, Flinchbaugh,
Economy, Grey, Lawson, New Holland, Foos and many others.


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