| September/October 1966

Courtesy of William Gayer, Rock Valley, Iowa 51247 This is the remains of a stationary engine which ran the Watkins Mill near Excellsior Springs, Missouri before Civil War Days. This Mill is now in the process of being restored for a State Park as it will not be far from Interstate # 35 now being built several miles west of Excellsior Springs, Missouri, near Kearney, Missouri. The picture was taken on March 15, 1966. This engine has a long boiler with 4 return flues about 10' in diameter. The large wheel shown on picture ran the water pump for boiler. The crank shaft extended into the building which was on 3 floors run with line shafts the length of the floors. In the basement floor was a stone mill where grist was ground and the other floors had wool spinning and carding and weaving machines.

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