| September/October 1973

I have been receiving the ALBUM since 1947 when the Late Arthur Young, Kinzer, Pennsylvania gave me a copy of a story written by Mr. Ritzman, dated July 29, 1946 titled 'Steam Engines Are My Hobby.'

My interest in steam goes back to the early 1900s when my family operated a felspar quarry and chicken grit plant, using steam power to operate the crusher, elevator and screens. I also worked in a shop during World War II which made steam freight elevators fro the Dupont powder plants. The machinery was run by steam. In 1949 I purchased an 8 x 10 Frick traction engine for $250.

Make - Smith, Myers & Schnier. Date - unknown. Cyl. 16' dia. X 20' stroke. Flywheel, 96' dia. and 24' wide. Boiler made by Johnson -Michigan, formerly used in a Great Lakes dredge.

This engine powered a sawmill at Goshen, Indiana until the mill burned down in 1901. Engine was sent to Sanders Sawmill in South Bend, Indiana where it operated until 1924 when a large engine was needed. This engine was stored, dismantled, until January 1970 when it was acquired by the La Porte Society. It is now an operating exhibit.