| September/October 1976

Pictured are two 10 x 14 cakes put together. We drew the picture of the steam engine from a scale model that my father-in-law has. After we had it on paper, it was easy to toothpick the outline on the cake. A good friend, Mrs. Al Bublitz, did all the decorating and filling in of the engine. The cake was for the 70th birthday of Wilbur Newman, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He worked with many engines years ago. It took us four hours to do the engine! The wheels and writing were red, the smoke and chain were gray and the engine works, canopy and grass were green.

This photo was taken December 4, 1970 of myself and two of my steam engines. First one is a Case 65 made in 1922. It has all of the latest equipment, also a kerosene head light and Northern Pacific head light. It is all in perfect shape. We used this engine mostly in moving buildings, etc. To the rear is a 16 HP. Aultman Taylor engine that I bought new, complete with wood frame separator and Water Wagon, in 1917. It has a Carbide head light, Canadian Pacific whistle, and is in good shape. I bought my first steam traction engine in 1913. It was a tandam compound Advance.