| September/October 1978

This Birdsell clover huller was part of the threshing outfit my father purchased from Fred Rong. My father rebuilt the clover huller in the spring of 1924. Also installed new rasp on the hulling cylinder. As I remember, being an eight year-old and Chief Engineer on the job, it took several days to install the new rasp. My reward came late in the summer when my father hitched the clover huller behind a Fordson tractor and put me on the tool box between the front wheels and we took off for the Seymour Whitman Farm, east of Pleasant Hill, Ohio. This was my first experience at custom work, also my first big harvest meal away from home. It was late in the day when we finished and we arrived home with the outfit about dark. I was a tired, but happy boy. Courtesy of Donald A. Coppock, 1408 S Lea, Roswell, New Mexico 88201.