| September/October 1979

40-140 Reeves Cross-compound owned by Smolik Brothers. Shown at Antique Acres Show, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Shown is a view of a No. 3 Hart Parr taken in 1903 when new.

It was purchased by George Mitchel who lived one mile south of Charles City, Iowa. He ran it for 19 years. I saw it run when I was 6 years old in 1922, which was the last year it was used. In 1930, Charlie Parr was still working for the company which he helped start. He persuaded the Oliver-Hart-Parr Company to buy it back and restore it. It is now in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. The story which was told to me by Clarence Braend was that the neighbors were all scared of it and afraid it would blow up. So, Mr. Mitchel threshed his own. Then Mr. Braend's father told him to come thresh his grain. Then three or four neighbors let him thresh theirs and after that he had no trouble having a good sized run for threshing each year. I got this picture from Ray Mitchel, a son of George Mitchel. Ray is not in very good health. He has six sons and all live in the Charles City area. Ray still owns the home place where No. 3 was used.