| September/October 1982

Herb Beckemeyer of R.2, Champaign, IL 61820 shares ownership of this A.D. Baker 21-75 HP engine and Baker thresher with Russ Helms of Newman, IL. The gentleman at the controls is Ray DeMent of Clinton, IL and Herb is standing by the side of the engine. This engine threshed about 10 acres of wheat at last year's Douglas County Steam and Gas Show.

Steam operated popcorn machine

Reverse flue Huber steam engine

12 HP C. Aultman Star owned by Bill Rees of Canton, O. and Thomas Diehl of Navarre, O.

Courtesy of D. Hunter, Dayton, Ohio 45420

This is a picture of two small calliopes I built about 1971 and '73. I've had them in many parades, especially in '76. The smallest one built in the circus wagon has 25 whistles and the one Betty Anderson is playing has 29 whistles. The tractor is an old Lambert riding mower that I completely rebuilt and decorated, mounting a compressor under the seat to furnish the air. I spent about 2000 hours building this outfit.