| September/October 1984

This 8x10 Frick traction engine #28811 is one of the last of that kind built by the Frick Co. at Waynesboro in 1926. It is pictured here belted to the late Harvey G. Hoffman's Peerless Thresher and his Ann Arbor boiler at the 1982 Rough & Tumble Show at Kinzer, Pennsylvania

The New Huber purchased by Mr. Perry Fender about 1925 a few minutes after it was unloaded off a flat car. Mr. Fender used it for threshing and also powered my Dad's sawmill a couple years. I am standing at the left. At my left is Earl Fender, the owner's son. George Badgley and Roe Fender. My mother took the picture.

This picture was sent to us by Charles O. Harthy, 1629 Robbins Rd., Grand Haven, Michigan 49417. The 1884-86 15 Hp Westinghouse #1863 is owned by Charlton Park, located near Hastings, Michigan.