| September/October 1986

This cover features a 13 HP Gaar-Scott & Co. engine # 14368, manufactured in 1911 or 1912. Owner of the engine is David T. Woodard, of 283 Abbey feale Road, Mansfield, Ohio 44907. The engine was featured in an article which appeared in our March/April issue earlier this year. If you have a steam engine you'd like to see on our cover, send us a picture or a slide of it!

Hy Waltz Threshing Outfit, Posey, IL; Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.'s home office building in NYC, corner of engine room, c. 1907;

Joe Harper of Route 1, Sedgwick, KS 67135 sent the photo of his J. I. Case separator, serial number 421563, size 28' x 47'. This machine has always been shedded and is excellent condition. It is used every year on Harper's farm and shown in the area.

'Threshing machines were phased out when I was a young lad but I always dreamed of owning a threshing rig,' writes Joe. 'Guess I got my dreams fulfilled as my son and I now own 6 machines all in very excellent restored condition. The wood ones are our favorites.'

Joe is currently restoring a 1918 Aultman-Taylor, and a 1924 Model L Case tractor which he'll use with this thresher.

Larry D. Van De Mark of 209 N. Grimes, Carl Junction, MO 64834 took this picture in April 1985, which he calls, 'Sleeping Giants' since the engines need to be awakened and brought back to life! The near engine is an Aultman-Taylor, and has a 12' stroke by approximately a 10' bore. The far engine is an M. Rumely with an 11' stroke and 8' bore.