| January/February 1955


Mr. Clarence Round's Advance Rumely at the Farm-Home Show, Lock-port, N. Y., 1954. Clarence is handling the throttle and his father, George Round, 80 years old, is doing the steering. There was a thrilling incident at this show. They had a 'load' for the tractors to try to pull. No one was able to move the 'load' and Mr. Round made the statement that when all tractors were through his steamer would pull the 'load' around the lot. That is what is happening here. Not only did he pull the 'load' but invited all to get on who could. He did. 'Gib' Enders would say if the 'load' was loose at both ends that engine would pull it.

Mr. Ira Nelson of Niagara Falls, N. Y., sends us this picture with this comment: 'I have never seen a Canadian made engine or thresher in your Magazine so I am sending you one. This was my father's outfit and was taken about 1917. The engine is a 17 hp. Sawyer-Massey and the separator is a 28x44, same make and made in Hamilton, Ontario. My father, Richard Nelson, is standing with his back to the camera. He never took his eyes off the feeder. The man on the engine is my brother, Leland. Takenin Smithville, Ontario.'

(Evidently Mr. Nelson has not been a reader of the ALBUM very long as most of you know we have had a history of every Canadian make well written and illustrated by Mr. Turner of Goderich.)

Threshing on the old Anderson farm, 1952, near Christine, North Dakota, where grain has been stacked and threshed every year with steam power since the former owner of this farm came to this country from Sweden in 1879. It is now owned by his three sons. The lower is a close up of that Buffalo Pitts double engine new in 1905 and it is fired with straw. The separator is a Northwest 40x64.

J. Howard Smith of Dilworth, Minn., threshing with his 20 hp. Nichols & Shepard engine and a 30x46 Aultman & Taylor thresher. Mr. Smith says, 'This is the heart of the great Red River Valley and I am only a few miles from Fargo, North Dakota, which is one of the great machinery centers of our country.