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The engine is kept in mint condition and it always attracts much

It is a Frick a very popular engine of the East.

Here are snapshots of the engine that I have been working on the
last three years off and on. Our daughter is looking it over. It is
all made from scrap iron. The smoke box door is an old corn planter
box lid, the boiler a 8′ gas main. The smoke stack is the cast
iron hub of a wooden wagon wheel. The steeling gear is from a
Deering binder head. The steering wheel is a neck yoke ring. The
water glass a stem from a coffee per coater. The cyl., crank disc,
governor and wheels are made up of odds and ends. The front spokes
are 40pd. spikes and the rear are 5/16 rod. It has a 2 x 3 cyl. I
use a cross head pump, displacement oiler and link reverse. It is
fired with wood or coal. Grates are from a corn sheller cob
stacker. There are 4-1 flues. Seems to fire quite well. I still
have the differential, clutch and draft doors to make. I have had
as much fun making this engine as running it. I also made a 1/4
size 24 x 40 separator some years ago to use it on.

The other engine is an Ajax. This type of engine was used in oil
fields on oil drill rigs. It is belted to merry-go-round.

This picture was taken by Ernest Hoffer, 2225 Front Street,
Toledo, Ohio. ‘Erny’ and his wife are avid steam fans and
excellent photographers, having supplied the Editor with many
photography classics. The picture comes from the collection of a
Mr. A. H. ‘Ace’ Shear of 35135 Joy Road, Plymouth,
Michigan. A native of Illinois by birth, Ace Shear has performed
with various engines at previous shows of the Association and is
looking forward to meeting his old friends at the Pinckneyville

  • Published on Jan 1, 1963
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