| January/February 1970

Courtesy of Leroy Quandt, Ryder, North Dakota 58779. This is a 1910 Nichols and Shepard Steam Traction Engine serial number 10437. It was purchased in 1968 by Ed Dobrinski, Herb. Markwardt, and Ozwald Schenfisch, Mokoti, North Dakota from the Torske Brothers of Conrad, Montana. The engine is a 25-85 horsepower double cylinder simple, bore 7' stroke 10'. The horsepower rating, cylinder size and age were determined by Glen Thomas, Ottowa, Illinois. This is one of five steam engines purchased by Makoti Threshing Association members from the Torske brothers. Four of these engines appeared in the 1968 show in Makoti, North Dakota.

This man of German descent is a master craftsman. He has the finest equipped shop I have ever seen. He can build anything he wants to. In this shop, he has a portable blacksmith forge, lathes, drill presses and a bearing press of his own design.

In his house basement is the woodworking shop with every kind of tool. Pictured above are two of his stationary engines. He also has two model stationary engines, one a beautiful Corliss. John is now retired but can't find time to do the things he would like to do.

We all brought our wives and had a potluck dinner. John was a millwright and boiler maker during his lifetime he doesn't know too much about space ships, but don't try to fool him on steam engines.