| January/February 1971

The little engine on the right is a double under mounted STAR with a 1962 A.S.M.E. code boiler; the engine in the middle is a 22 hp. side mount Keck Gonnerman just rolled out the shop the day this picture was taken in May, 1970, showed at the American Thresherman Inc. Show 1970 at Sigel, III., at the American Legion, Labor Day 1970. Virgel Jansen of Sigel was the engineer in charge at Pinckneyville & Sigel. This engine is outstanding in all ways - has a 150 Ib. III. certificate. Engine on the left is a 18 hp. Keck Gonnerman rear mount, old faithful. Every engine man & some that are not like & want this engine. It has a 150 Ib. 1970 certificate. No where are there better engines and you be the judge. Courtesy of D. R. Bartimus, Rt. 1, Beecher City, Illinois62414.

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