| January/February 1971

Many Cheravians hope that the nippers from Warrenville, S. C, (way down on the Georgia Line) will again supply rides April 16-17-18,1971.

Photos donated by S. C. Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism. Courtesy of Robert Rogers, Antique Acres, Cheraw, S. C. 29520.

The quickest entry into TV ever in S. C. happened when Mrs. Sherwood Hume of Milton, Ontario, and Mrs. Dennis Webb of Beamsville, Ontario, were looking at some steam engines, etc. at Antique Acres, Cheraw, S. C. in April 1970. TV camermen in cooperation with the S. C. Department of Tourism did some fast shuttling and were televising these skimmer wearing Canadians within minutes. Sherwood says he will be back for our second annual show April 16-17-18, 1971. Courtesy of S, C. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, Robert Rogers,' Antique Acres, Cheraw, S. C.

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