| January/February 1974

Above photo shows Ed Vogel and his 20 mule team hitch. Ed is riding the left  wheeler mule with a jerk line running to the lead mule team who had warning bells fixed to their hame tops. below photo is one of Ed Vogel's 20 team hitch horses down. The gray horse is standing a-straddle the down horse which slipped and is tangled in the hitch. The street was lined with hundreds of spectators. Ed controlled the team and none of the people were hurt. [Ed Vogel just died in September and Melvin sent these pictures in - knowing the Readers would appreciate them. You will probably remember some of the articles that Ed Vogel has contributed]. - Anna Mae Courtesy of Melvin Kestler, 1339 Evergreen Drive, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

Wagons pulled by Ed Vogel's 20 mule team hitch. The large freight wagons consisted of five in number. Only four wagons are shown in this picture taken at the Ketchum [Sun Valley] Wagon Days parade. Courtesy of Melvin Kestler, 1339 Evergreen Drive, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

This outfit, owned by W. H. Jurney & Sons, was being moved to another location, to drill for water and to plow. The picture was taken in 1920. Reading from right to left the engine is a 40-140 C.C. Reeves, next is a well drill, a cookhouse, and a 14-bottom plow. The engineer [in cab] is my Dad, Howard Jurney; the fireman is my Uncle Loyd Jurney. Courtesy of Arlo Jurney, F3 Kingsland Tr. Crt., 520 - 75 Ave. S. W., Calgary, Alberta.

Some time ago you wanted some pictures of a threshing scene using Wing Feeders so here are some pictures of Mr. Edgar Bremer of Freistatt, Missouri and a 20 HP ' Minnie ' [Minneapolis] steam engine. This feeder is Garden City as used about 20 years ago.

The engine is a Burrell single crank compound, No. 3918, built in 1923 at That ford, Norfolk, England. The thresher is a Foster, built at Lincoln and the straw elevator is a Foley of Bourne. The set is used to give an annual threshing demonstration at the Leeds Traction Engine Club Rally at Harewood House - home of Lord Harewood [cousin of the Queen]. We are having increasing difficulty in getting wheat or oats cut with a binder for this demonstration. I hope one year to be able to visit some of your steam working rallies and perhaps could afford to stay about three weeks. Courtesy of J. K. Ellwood, Barclay's Chambers, Skipton-in-Craven, Skipton, Yorkshire, England

Mr. Nichols & Shepard engine, rear mounted, double cylinder, high pressure boiler, 20-75 HP. Serial number 13951. The State Boiler Inspector says it was built in 1926 and shipped to Des Moines, Iowa and shown at the Iowa State Fair there and sold at the Fairgrounds to a man that had an old style Advance 32' cylinder separator wood machine built long before the days of Advance-Rumely. He also had a No. 2 American Sawmill. He sawed lots of lumber and threshed many thousands of bushels of grain, mostly winter wheat. When threshing and sawing was done, he had a long trap line along the Skunk River. He had around seven hundred traps catching such animals as raccoon, skunks, muskrats and others - perhaps a few badgers thrown in for good measure. The three attractive females are all students of a Beauty School in Madison, Wisconsin. The girl near the front wheel is our granddaughter, Pat Ann Hussli of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. The one in the middle is Barb Davergstad of Elkhorn and the one near the drive wheel is Barb Peterson, also of Beaver Dam. Courtesy of Arthur J. Frase, R. R. 1, Reeseville, Wisconsin 53579